Are You Hurting?

New York City Rescue Shelter Information

Most guests come to NYCRM seeking a hot meal, a clean shower, a safe bed,  clothing, and often  assistance in addressing their particular life circumstances which have them in a difficult and precarious place.

Our goal is to offer resources which will meet basic physical needs and bring about  immediate stability. Our desire is that each guest would experience love as they are cared for, and that seeds of hope for better days would be planted.

The founder of the NYC Rescue Mission, Jerry McAuley, once said that  ”We clean men up on the outside and God cleans them on the inside.” We believe that every person is of great value to God and his desire is not only to restore hope but to bring about emotional and spiritual health. Caring for each man, woman and child who walk through our doors is an expression of our love for God as well as  our love for each person he has created. And our desire is that each guest would come to experience God’s love.


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