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We are dedicated to bringing hope to every life we can



Craig Mayes

 Craig Mayes, Ph.D.

Position: Executive Director

Origins: Detroit, MI

Craig spent eight years as professor in counseling/psychology and eighteen years as a pastor at two churches. He worked at the Detroit Rescue Mission and in a halfway house during his younger years. Craig’s major legacy has been his work in building a large mission overseas in India, where there is now an orphanage, hospital, elderly home, school, service for widows and more.

“Over the years my heart for the poor has continued to grow. Now I have the great opportunity to lead this historic institution in NYC (142 years and counting!). I also have the privilege of leading a great team of men and women on our staff who are committed to using their abilities and passions to help the poor. Together we are committed to bring the best that we can offer to the “least” in our community.”

Contact: cmayes@nycrescue.org, ext. 110




Michelle Tolson

Position: Director of Public Relations

Origins: Manchester, New Hampshire

Michelle’s background in PR comes from being a Rockette and a former Miss New Hampshire. Michelle has spent a great amount of time being interviewed publicly, and speaking to foundations such as DARE, MADD, the Rotary Club and more. As a Rockette for six years she often performed live at large events, such as The Macy’s Day Parade, or on the Today’s Show, and was often picked to do radio and television spots. Michelle is a graduate of Notre Dame College with a degree in English and a minor in Communications.

“The New York City Rescue Mission has been a beacon of hope to many for 142 years, yet many New Yorkers don’t know us, where we are and how they can participate. It is my vision to make the New York City Rescue Mission a household name. I look forward to working at a place that offers so much hope for the future of many.”

Contact: mtolson@nycrescue.org, ext. 126


Scott's staff

 Scott Abbott

Position: Director of Programs

Origins: Michigan

Scott is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York, and holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Before moving to New York in 2004, Scott ministered as a missionary, musician and youth pastor. Over the following decade, he worked as a mental health counselor at Redeemer Counseling Services and in the NYC Rescue Mission’s residential recovery program. Scott currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

“As the new Program Director I have the privilege of not only administrating services that help end hunger and homelessness, but to witness heart transformation firsthand.”

Contact: sabbott@nycrescue.org, ext. 116




David Chicaguala

Position: Director of Operations

Origins: Lewisville, Texas

bio coming soon







Contact: dchicaguala@nycrescue.org, ext. 103





Carol Bennett 

 Position: Director of Finance

 Origins: Jamaica, West Indies

Carol previously worked as the Controller at a real estate company for many years until joining the Mission. She currently oversees the Financial and Human Resource aspect of the Mission.

“I like what the NYC Rescue Mission stands for: Helping the homeless and those who are most in need. I also love seeing the transformed lives of those people who have completed the recovery program that is offered here. They are the true symbols of hope for all of us.”

Contact: cbennett@nycrescue.org, ext. 119




Staff photo

Andrew DeCurtis

Origins: Bronx, New York

Position: Donor Relations

Andrew spent sixteen years in the financial services industry as a sales and marketing executive. Recently he began feeling it was time for a change. Andrew is now our manager of donor relations after having supported the mission for thirteen years.

“It was an easy decision to join the Rescue Mission’s staff. I’m excited about the direction we are heading in and thankful to be a part of blessing and helping others in their time of need!”

Contact: adecurtis@nycrescue.org, ext. 111




TJ 22

 TJ Hadley

Origins: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Position: Gift-in-Kind Public and Corporate Relations

TJ had a successful career as a design engineer and engineering director in the semiconductor market for twenty years. He then spent seven years in logistics. At that point he began to lose faith in himself and came close to losing his life. After coming to the Mission he was able to get his health back, his wife returned to him and a new career presented itself. And not only does he get to help those in need, but his beautiful wife now works by his side!

“I want to help other men and women have the same opportunity that I have had at the Mission. I was homeless and hurting and the NYC Rescue Mission helped me find my passion for life again. I now have the greatest job I’ve ever had in my life; helping others with hope of a better life.”

Contact: thadley@nycrescue.org, 212-226-6214, ext. 134




Staff photo

John DeSantos

Origins: Brooklyn, New York

Position: Learning Center Supervisor

John received his bachelors from Rutgers University, has worked as a 6th and 9th grade teacher, and has worked in ministry. He spent 15 years at the Goodwill Rescue Mission as an education coordinator. In 2010 John came to join the team at The NYC Rescue Mission.

“Aside from working for a great cause, with great people, and getting to eat some great food, the most fulfilling thing about working here is seeing a life changed.”

Contactjdesantos@nycrescue.org 212-226-6214 ext. 108




Eli Cubol

 Eli Cubol

Position: Grants and Foundations Manager

Origins: Manila, Philippines

Eli has been with the Mission since May 2004. Before moving to NYC in August of 2000, he worked as a Management Intern in the Administration Department of the City of Lakewood in CA. He also served as a You Director, a Research Fellow, a Chair and Assistant Professor of Political Science at De La Salle University and University of the Philippines. Prior to joining the Mission, Eli attended The New School University as a Doctoral Fellow in Public and Urban Policy. He earned his Masters of Public Administration degree from California State University, Long Beach. He currently lives in Yonkers with his Children.

“I believe that working at the Mission allows me the opportunity to be a part of a unique ministry, serving both God and the needy in the most affluent city in the world.”


Contact: ecubol@nycrescue.org, ext. 124



Staff photo

 Flor Janes

 Position: Accounting Assistant

Origins: El Salvador

Flor Came to the US in 1989 after her mother moved here. She studied at Baruch College where she received a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Before she came to the mission she worked for Barnes and Noble as a bookkeeper for fifteen years. However, her heart was moved to do something different and a door was opened at the Mission.

“I love working here because it is a different environment from the coporate worlds. I feel that the people here are not only co-workers or residents, but are part of my family. Helping others is one of the ways we can show and share God’s love.”

Contact: gjanes@nycrescue.org


David's photoDavid Knoche

Origins: Detroit, MI

Position: Volunteer Manager/administrative assistant to Executive Director

David moved to Brooklyn two years ago with his wife and kids. Previously he worked as a supervisor in operations at the Detroit News and Free Press.

“The thing I like most about the Mission is watching the guys grow from when they first walk through our door, to when they graduate.”


Contact: dknoche@nycrescue.org,  212-226-6214 ext: 107





 Derrick MitchellDerrick

Position: Operations Manager

Origins: Westchester, New York

Derrick attended Westchester Business Institute and has been married to his lovely wife Melody for over nine years. He also has one child, five God children and nine nieces and nephews that he loves dearly. Derrick is a lively contribution to our team.

“I am a graduate of the mission and have been on staff since 2003.”

Contact: dmitchell@nycrescue.org, ext. 106



Megan Mayes

Megan Mayes

Position: Digital Communications Manager

Origins: Detroit, MI

Megan moved to New York City with her family in 2008, and quickly fell in love with the energy and people here. She has traveled to India on various trips to serve at an orphanage and medical clinic, and has served at the Rescue Mission over the last five years.

Megan has a Bachelors of Science degree in Media, Communications and Culture from NYU. She also has a production company with her brother called “Plastic Tree Pictures, ” through which they produced a feature film, and plan on continuing to produce in the future.

“My parents have been a huge inspiration to me, with their devotion to not just serve, but to live alongside hurting and lost people. This Mission is run by the people who’s very lives have been changed through the gift of hope. I love being a part of that.”

Contact: mmayes@nycrescue.org, ext. 130



Staff photo

Yan Lee

 Position: Administrative Assistant, Finance Department

Origins: China

Yan was born in China but has lived most of her life here in Manhattan. She studied accounting and worked in the accounting department in a New York Real Estate Firm.

Yan is a loving mother who has spent a lot of time taking care of her children and helping them with school. “I love the people I work with at the Mission, and being a part of the process of helping people. I am constantly amazed by the work of the New York City Rescue Mission.”

Contact: ylee@nycrescue.org




Staff photo

  Ana C. Cerrato

Origins: New Jersey

Position: Communications and Finance

Ana Received her Bachelors in sociology and Elementary Education from NJCU. She spent time as a missionary short term for two years in Russia, and then for three years in Finland.

Ana still has a big heart for this work and participates in raising funds for missionaries working with victims of human trafficking.


Contactacerrato@nycrescue.org, ext. 122




Matt Staff

Matt Hach

Position:  Donor/Communications Associate

Origins: Northeastern Ohio

Matt has a fierce loyalty to all teams Cleveland and an affinity for corn on the cob. He arrived in the Big Apple for an internship, and almost ten years later, he still “gawks at skyscrapers.” Matt has held a variety of jobs including: camp event staff, video producer/editor, UPS store clerk, and test proctor.

“The work the mission does is worthy and I work alongside awesome people. I am grateful to be at the mission during this time helping in an indirect way to bring change to other’s lives.”

Contact: mhach@nycrescue.org, ext. 118



Martin Bowman

 Martin Bowman:

Position: Intake/Fire Safety Director

Origins: Brooklyn, NY

Martin has professional degrees in architecture and business administration from Columbia University. He currently leads a 12-step recovery and discipleship program, transforming the lives of men with substance abuse and other life controlling problems. He also attends Primitive Christian Church in the LES where he and his wife lead the Worshipping Arts Ministry, an urban, community-oriented creative arts ministry.

Martin is a playwright, actor/choreographer and devotional speaker on urban ministry themes. Since 2004, Martin and his wife Rev. Angela Bowman, have operated Seasons of Purpose. He also currently attends Alliance Theological Seminary in their Urban Ministry Program.

Contact: mbowman@nycrescue.org, ext. 102





Staff photo

Timothy Weal

Position: Nightly Security

Origins: New York, NY

Tim was born right here in the LES of New York City. His father left when he was 2 yrs. old and his mom raised five kids on her own. Tim has always loved working, and his first job was delivering meat after school when he was 15 years old. In his adult years Tim became a chemical engineer and then a became a Fire Safety Director which he has been doing for fifteen years. Unfortunately his passion for work led him to grow up too fast, and he fell into alcoholism. After five months of homelessness Tim walked into the Bowery Mission in 1994. Now his passion is serving and working as a Safety director and nightly security here.

“We see God’s hands in creation. Now I am blessed to see his hands at work through the New York City Rescue Mission.”

Contact: timothy_weal@yahoo.com


Julie photo

Julie Kapadia

Position: Accounting Manager

Origins: India

After graduating from an international school, their job placement program found Julie a job at the New York City Rescue Mission as the Book Keeper. This was her first interview and first job ever!

We haven’t let go, 23 years later she is still a cherished part of our staff.





staff photo

Sean Burns


Bio coming soon








Contact: sburns@nycrescue.org, 212-226-6214




Pedro staff Pedro Rodriguez

Position: Food Services Associate

Origins: New York, NY

Chef Pedro has lent his culinary expertise to the NYC Rescue Mission for six years and couldn’t be happier about it. Pedro came to the mission looking for work after graduating from culinary school and 6 years later found himself still cooking amazing meals for the homeless. He also had the opportunity to appear on the “Hero Chef’s” episode of Chopped on the Food Network.

Pedro, married and with two children, chose to work at a place like the mission because it gives him the opportunity to reach out to the community and through his hospitality in the kitchen, he makes our guests feel cared for again. Chef Pedro also oversees the food pantry and soup kitchen at Recovery House of Worship in BK. Most recently he became an ordained minister and preaches at his church.

Contact: prodriguez@nycrescue.org, ext. 109



Salvator 2Salvador Orozco

Position: Food Services Associate

Origins: Guatemala







Contact: orozcopaz@yahoo.com, ext. 109



Candice Bruce

Position: Food Services Associate

Origins: Trinidad 

Chef Candice comes to the Mission from a military background, having started her cooking career while serving for six years in the Coast Guard. Upon leaving the Coast Guard, she decided to join the Army and served as a supply specialist with them for two years until 2010.

Candice came to us through her church, Victory of Christ Church in BK. She had heard about the mission for over ten years and had always wanted to work with us. She came our way in August 2013 as a temp chef and just two short weeks later was asked to stay permanently. She loos at cooking at the mission as ministry work. She loves to cook and she loves the Lord. She also has three beautiful children at home, Diamond, Antwon and Joshua.

Contact: candib654@gmail.com, ext. 109



If you wish to contact someone you do not see on this list, please contact the receptionist at 212-226-6214.