Our Team

We are dedicated to bringing hope to every life we can

Craig Mayes, Ph.D.
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Contact: cmayes@nycrescue.org, ext. 110

Scott Abbott
Position: Chief Program Officer
Contact: sabbott@nycrescue.org, ext. 116

David Chicaguala
Position: Chief Operating Officer
Contact: dchicaguala@nycrescue.org, ext. 103

Carol Bennett
Position: Director of Finance
Contact: cbennett@nycrescue.org, ext. 119

Andrew DeCurtis
Position: Donor Relations
Contact: adecurtis@nycrescue.org, ext. 111

John DeSantos
Position: Learning Center Supervisor
Contactjdesantos@nycrescue.org 212-226-6214 ext. 108

Eli Cubol
Position: Grants and Foundations Manager
Contact: ecubol@nycrescue.org, ext. 124

Flor Janes
Position: Accounting Assistant
Contact: gjanes@nycrescue.org

David Knoche
Position: Volunteer Manager
Contact: dknoche@nycrescue.org,  212-226-6214 ext: 107

Derrick Mitchell
Position: Operations Manager
Contact: dmitchell@nycrescue.org, ext. 106

Megan Mayes
Position: Communications Manager
Contact: mmayes@nycrescue.org

Yan Lee
Position: Administrative Assistant, Finance Department
Contact: ylee@nycrescue.org

Ana C. Cerrato
Position: Communications and Finance
Contactacerrato@nycrescue.org, ext. 122

Matt Hach
Position:  Donor/Communications Associate
Contact: mhach@nycrescue.org, ext. 118

Martin Bowman:
Position: Intake/Fire Safety Director
Contact: mbowman@nycrescue.org, ext. 102

Timothy Weal
Position: Nightly Security
Contact: timothy_weal@yahoo.com

Julie Kapadia
Position: Accounting Manager
Contact: jkapadia@nycrescue.org

Sean Burns
Position: Front Desk Manager
Contact: sburns@nycrescue.org, 212-226-6214

Pedro Rodriguez
Position: Executive Chef
Contact: prodriguez@nycrescue.org, ext. 109

Salvador Orozco
Position: Food Services Associate
Contact: orozcopaz@yahoo.com, ext. 109

Candice Bruce
Position: Food Services Associate
Contact: candib654@gmail.com, ext. 109

If you wish to contact someone you do not see on this list, please contact the receptionist at 212-226-6214.