• Stories of Change

    “I am from Togo, West Africa, I tried to get my papers in New York City for many years. Due to this, I lost my job, and then my apartment. The Mission has become my family, and has given me a foundation and hope!”


  • Stories of Change

    “I am 20 years old and from Georgia. I have been homeless since August. I was never very close to my family so my boyfriend brought me here after his back went out. We believed we would find opportunity in this city. After 7 months of interviews we had no luck. The Mission has been like a safe haven. It helped us find the ACE program, where we are both enrolled in job-training courses while we stay at the Mission.”


  • Stories of Change

    “After years in a successful career, I was injured, lost my family, my job, and my house was repossessed. The Mission has become a place for me to find refuge and call home.”


    Hope Lives Here

    The New York City Rescue Mission exists to provide help and hope to the hungry, hurting and homeless men and women in New York City. We strive for the holistic health of those we serve through a wide range of services and programs, including:

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    For over 143 years, our efforts to break the cycle of poverty have been based on a foundation of hope and supported by love, excellence and the spirit of community.

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    The New York City Rescue Mission relies on support from individuals like you. There are many ways to help, including financial donations, donations of goods and materials, gifts-in-honor, estate planning and corporate matching gifts.

    No matter how you support us, you are always investing in hope.

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    Today, supporters of the New York City Rescue Mission have a number of opportunities to impact the lives of those in need. Support us by using our Outreach Cards and Don’t Walk By App, or by volunteering at the Mission or at one of our participating events.

    There has never been an easier or more impactful time to serve New York City’s hungry and homeless.

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